SRED and AI: The real deal

From self-driving cars to suicide prevention, artificial intelligence has never been so real.

Over the last few years, AI has been generating a major shift in the way Canada, and the rest of the world, see the future of technology and the nature of society. What this means for companies engaged in AI innovation and experimentation, is massive – and we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg.

Companies who haven’t made the leap into the world of AI stand to learn from some of the most successful entities of the nascent fourth industrial revolution: Facebook, Samsung and Uber have all developed AI labs with the encouragement of the Canadian government.

The University of Toronto’s Engineering program recently announced a new certificate in AI and Machine Learning (ML) that will launch in January, 2019.

The demand for talent in the AI/ML industries and in academia is rising quickly, with the expectation that demand for AI experimentation and development will exceed supply in the coming years.The implications for SR&ED claims are very meaningful, as the government will be required to not merely keep up with AI innovation, but lead the way as the country’s older population grows and health care needs increase, for example – this factor will be experienced by most countries around the world.