SR&ED Risk Analysis

  • Does your work contain eligible SR&ED activity?
  • How much could your claim be worth?
  • Is it worth your time to dedicate yourself to the process?

To answer these questions we begin by providing you with a free consultation.

This critical starting point saves you time and gives you insight about how the CRA will view your body of work.

Lionsbridge’s RAS will allow you to:

  • Determine the value of your claim
  • Understand how eligible your claim is
  • Know your claim’s timeline and scope of work

Our SR&ED Analysts then submit all of this information to Lionsbridge’s internal team to start the pre-submission process.

SR&ED Risk Analysis
SR&ED Kickoff

SR&ED Kickoff

Once we have a global picture of your eligible SR&ED activity and approximate claim value, we begin the pre-submission process where the core of your claim is developed.

At this point, a SR&ED Analyst becomes your main point-of-contact. This individual will also act as the project manager who advances your claim through the technical and financial departments of our firm.

Afterwards, we gather the financial components of your qualifying projects and provide you with a timeline for the SR&ED submission process.

Lionsbridge analysts expedite these services through targeted interactions with your company’s team members.

Our SR&ED Kickoff identifies:

  • The main hypothesis behind your work
  • Key technical uncertainties
  • Your work’s technological objectives
  • The ways you seek to advance technology

SR&ED Quality Assurance

After the editing process is complete, we return the SR&ED claim back to you for final review

Lionsbridge technical writers and editors produce reports that are clear, precise and to-the-point.

The QA stage consists of the following:

Verifying all information with Subject Matter Experts

  • Rigorous copyediting of the technical report
  • Fact-checking all information with source documents
  • Ensuring consistency and correctness of the financial analysis

This is the last step before submitting to the CRA.

SR&ED Quality Assurance
Claim Launch

SR&ED Claim Launch

Launching your claim consists of more than one final step.

Lionsbridge will help you compile required preparatory work guidance and management documentation to comply with CRA requirements.

We also include DocuOnDemand, a solution that captures records of your past work logs, and creates a systematic workflow that won’t disrupt company culture.

However you choose to proceed, guaranteeing that all eligible activity is presented to the CRA is crucial.

Lionsbridge is committed to making sure no eligible activity is left behind. In the event that the CRA asks to review your work, Lionsbridge will provide you with audit support.

Time for Change

We prepare your winning SR&ED claim, giving you more of your most valuable asset: time.

Money Matters

How cost-effective is your current claiming process? Our risk-assessment solution will find out.

Strong Defense

Applying their deep understanding of income tax law and technology, SRED SMART analysts generate strong, defensible SR&ED claims.

Client Service

Open lines of communication put our clients at ease – and generate winning claims.

Your work is too valuable for eligible SR&ED activity to be left behind.

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