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Canada Needs Your Innovation

Innovation is the engine that propels the Canadian economy. It allows companies to stay on the cutting edge of technology and strengthen their market share in this competitive global marketplace. By taking advantage of the SR&ED Tax Incentive Program, companies can recover a significant portion of their research and development costs.

Canadian companies take advantage of the SR&ED program to reinvest in the continued growth of their businesses.

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We’re here to support you in the process.

Achieving SR&ED success depends on your ability to merge your SR&ED process within your existing business systems. When you work with SREDSmart they guide you to perfect your SR&ED submission process by using a hands-off approach to optimizing the company’s workflow.

What Sets Us Apart


We work closely with your company to discover your eligible activities by performing an initial consultation free of charge. By using a risk assessment model, we provide a clear vision early in the process to determine if you qualify for the program.


SREDSmart has created a rigorous Quality Assurance process that prevents mistakes by having our technical, accounting and subject matter experts review your claim. While not standard with other SR&ED consultants, our peer review method ensures the highest probability of your submission’s success.


SREDSmart gathers all CRA required documentation and will guide you through the process if a technical review is requested. We merge our time tracking methods and SR&ED supporting documentation with your company’s existing operations without disrupting your workflows.


At SREDSmart we’ve created a system that always puts the client first. We always maintain open lines of communication to put them at ease. We believe honesty and integrity is extremely important and this transparency builds client trust and winning claims.


A SR&ED claim has many components and can be a time consuming challenge when a company undertakes the application process on its own. SREDSmart extracts all of the necessary information in the least amount of time with attention to detail and without disrupting your company's workflow.


SREDSmart will integrate a streamline system to automate your SR&ED claim. We merge with your existing system to create an uncomplicated, user-friendly process that will show increasing cost savings over time.

About SRED Smart

SREDSmart is not another SR&ED consulting firm. Our unique approach to achieving guaranteed results is why companies choose us to maximize funding while saving significant labour costs.

We help companies take advantage of vital research and development funding while avoiding workflow disruption or resource allocations when applying for the SR&ED Tax Incentive Program.  We want our clients to focus on revenue growth while using SREDSmart to assist in incorporating a SR&ED infrastructure using a hands-off approach.

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