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Is your company producing the type of innovation that matters in the technically complicated world of SR&ED?

Saving You Time and Resources

Any organization that has considered submitting an SR&ED claim knows how complex the qualification and submission process can be. Our experienced team works to quickly identify eligible activity, moving along your claim process without disrupting your company’s workflow.

A Proven Process that Ensures Approval

We provide accurate assessments and consultation that leverages your company’s position to build the most defensible SR&ED claim possible. We guarantee approval of your application, otherwise our services are completely free of charge.

SR&ED Risk Analysis


With expertise in chemical engineering, machine learning, software development, food science and the cannabis industry, our technical writers understand how to position your project to the CRA to optimize funding opportunities.

SR&ED Quality Assurance

Time Saving

A successful SR&ED claim requires extensive knowledge of eligible activity. We know exactly what qualifies for funding, so we can prepare your SR&ED claim in a manner that offers you more of your most valuable asset: time.

SR&ED Kickoff


Our consultants work closely with you to discover your eligible activities in the SR&ED space, completely free of charge. Using a risk assessment model, we form the backbone of your scientific report while providing clear insights into what you can expect.

Claim Launch


We conduct a rigorous Quality Assurance process that includes technical, accounting and subject matter specialists reviewing your claim. This ensures the highest probability of success before your submission is finalized.

“I wanted SR&ED provider who could save my company time and unnecessary stress. SRED Smart  expedited the submission process, leading to a winning claim that was stress-free and made good use of valuable time.”

Jono Landon - Founder & CEO, Hubbli Inc.

A SRED Smart Success Story

A Toronto-based software company approached Lionsbridge to help it increase its yearly SR&ED claim.

The company had originally been running its SR&ED claiming process on the total time clocked for specific personnel – its plan had been to simply qualify for the program.

The company employed nine developers – seven front-end and two on the back-end.
Developers’ salaries were approximately $80,000 with roughly $52,000 being eligible.

We were able to reach beyond this initial schema and recovered additional projects that were not included in their typical SR&ED claiming process.

This increased the software company’s total claim value by 24.5%.

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