It’s all in the technical details

We created SRED SMART to solve a problem: Time is always in short supply.

Telling the story of your work as it relates to SR&ED, however, requires time.

Most companies try to solve this issue by hiring a SR&ED provider. The consultation process involves much back-and-forth and can be a huge time-drain for your company.

You stand to lose valuable time which translates into lost revenue, research and production hours.

SRED SMART  kickoff process is straightforward.

We organize the large amounts of information available on SR&ED in a succinct way that helps our clients easily navigate the SR&ED submission process.

SRED SMART skillfully combines technological expertise with a SR&ED workflow that clients are able to easily manage.

The Team

SRED SMART approaches your SR&ED claim from technical and financial perspectives, explaining your work to the CRA, and its relevance to the SR&ED program.

Our SR&ED analysts determine eligible activity to maximize valuable resources, especially time. Our project manager’s responsibility is to liaise between the client and the SRED SMART team.

SRED SMART finance team gathers all relevant accounting data and puts together a cogent financial analysis of your SR&ED claim.

The SRED SMART team comes from the Engineering, Accounting, Legal and Technical fields, to represent each critical element of a technically-dense, but very readable SR&ED claim. Your claim will highlight the unique threads that connect all of your qualifying work, and the original solutions you have discovered.

As subject matter experts in, cannabis science, chemical engineering, machine learning and AI, SAAS and food manufacturing our technical team knows a SR&ED worthy project when they see one.

The reality, is that running a profitable business today is not easy. That’s why I always wanted to access SR&ED tax incentives. I always felt, however, that my company’s work was technically complex and therefore very hard to explain to the CRA. SRED SMART and writers were able to translate the complex story of our eligible activity, making it easier to run a profitable business in today’s difficult market.


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