SRED SMART Infrastructure Solutions

Customized Approach

 Infrastructure Solutions

Whether you file your SR&ED claim internally, or have been engaged with your SR&ED consultant over many years, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Our real-time tracking ability allows us to see what is happening with your work, so that the CRA has a clear understanding of your claim. We will organize your activity log by either producing a summary of your experimentation, or by replicating a product in lieu of an activity log.

The issue of determining whether that content is SR&ED worthy, can be challenging, but being organized will help the process. We can help you develop a journaling system, familiarize you with Google Docs or EverNote, and implement other strategies to keep things clear and organized.

It’s important for us to stay abreast of your progress, which is why we are able to meet with you each quarter, monthly or even bi-weekly, depending on the amount of your activity and particular needs.

If you are interested in becoming independent from SR&ED consultants, sred smart can assist your company in developing a self-sustaining internal SR&ED infrastructure.

We can also determine whether your internal system is cost-effective, or whether outsourcing the claim would be in your best interest.